london Playing with sunlight

By | 10/01/2020

As I walk I play with the jewel, scattering sunlight into dancing purple patterns. Light, of course, is the original source of everything – before the universe was, everything had been light. Jewels were clearly the remnants of that light, that primordial radiance. What if their energy could be harnessed? I suddenly realise that this ring itself is a harness. I wonder what its powers are.

Photographing the Crown Jewels

Well, without light there can be no vision, no pictures, no art works, no photographs. It comes to me in a flash: Light enables art, just as light enables photography. And this jewel is a camera. I will photograph the Crown Jewels – a three dimensional photograph will result, so realistic that it will be indistinguishable from the real jewels. Every country will have a copy; therefore every country in the world will have their own Crown Jewels. This means there’ll be no more poverty – every nation will have wealth!

I need to speak to the highest authority in the land in order to access the Jewels. Wait – I am a King. But on occasion, kings need to talk to ordinary people. In this case, I need to speak to an intermediary to access the Jewels: the Prime Minister!

I remember a clock tower, a street, and the number 10. I flag down a black cab.

“Where to, mate?”

“The Prime Minister.”

“Westminster then.”

In due course I see Big Ben. The taxi stops. On the pavement is a long line of policemen, arms interlocked.

“Ten pound fifty, mate.”

I get out and start to walk away.

“Oy!” The driver shouted, “What about the money!”