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A Carousel Out of Control

Still walking Still walking. My mind an out-of-control fairground roundabout. Suddenly realise how tired I am. I’ve walked for miles. Where am I… and who? Reduced to stumbling. Have to keep going. Man on a mission, man on a mission. Man on a mission. But what mission? Only confusion reigns in my brain… and collapse in my muscles… Read More »

Adventures in Cardiff

What do I know about my current situation? I know I’m in Cardiff. But what am I here for? The place was my home once, but not any more. I know I’m in a cell, but why? And a cell is a self-repairing, growing, organic life-form. And I’m in one. Is this cell itself alive, living, growing? Budding… Read More »

Meeting God

An Out of Body Experience Where am I? I am in blackness. Deep, empty blackness. Looking into it I see it stretching infinitely. There is nothing, nothing at all… even I am nothing but a focus, a point, of senses. Rising Lines appear – luminous green lines. Like the lines of mortar in brickwork, they make a wall,… Read More »