in wlsgrv Berries and violence

I have to say there were some really good nurses who shone so bright they made the bad ones look really bad. Many of the latter liked the fact that they spent much of their day sitting around and chatting, punctuated by sporadic outbursts of violence, followed by more tea. Allowed out for a short stroll, I see… Read More »

London My Palace

Adventures North of London The tube terminates, but I’m not at Heathrow. A sign says Cockfosters. I exit the station and walk. I come to a modestly-sized hotel. There don’t seem to be many lights on. Perhaps there is no one in. Perhaps this place is a palace and has been set aside for me, waiting for me… Read More »

london Pianos, Pounds and collisions

Payment time A policeman detaches himself from the line and says, “Doing a runner mate? Can’t have that.” “I must speak to the man who is in charge of the nation.” “It’s a woman actually. And what do you want to speak to her about?” “I must photograph the Crown Jewels.” “Look, I’ve had enough of this. Are… Read More »

london Playing with sunlight

As I walk I play with the jewel, scattering sunlight into dancing purple patterns. Light, of course, is the original source of everything – before the universe was, everything had been light. Jewels were clearly the remnants of that light, that primordial radiance. What if their energy could be harnessed? I suddenly realise that this ring itself is… Read More »