Meeting God

An Out of Body Experience Where am I? I am in blackness. Deep, empty blackness. Looking into it I see it stretching infinitely. There is nothing, nothing at all… even I am nothing but a focus, a point, of senses. Rising Lines appear – luminous green lines. Like the lines of mortar in brickwork, they make a wall,… Read More »

Inside a mentally-ill mind

Healing the blind – all of them So, what about blindness? A double cataract operation only costs ten quid. A donation of a million would give a hundred thousand people sight! Not that they’d see anything particularly beautiful or fertile, not until we finish irrigating Africa. But the people will be mobile and be able to do some… Read More »

Rise into Euphoria: Hypomania hits

In flight In exhilaration I breeze down the motorway. Everything has come together, everything. I drive under a bridge. Its walls, roof and the road explode into a wild samba of dancing coloured lights. Luke Skywalker lives, bombing the Death Star again. The vehicle has risen from the road surface. I’m in the air. Popping out into bright… Read More »