A Carousel Out of Control

Still walking Still walking. My mind an out-of-control fairground roundabout. Suddenly realise how tired I am. I’ve walked for miles. Where am I… and who? Reduced to stumbling. Have to keep going. Man on a mission, man on a mission. Man on a mission. But what mission? Only confusion reigns in my brain… and collapse in my muscles… Read More »

The OOB and the Odyssey

The dull drip and the shallow salesman At the interview stages in Manchester I’d met Dave Martins, who I thought was a characterless drip with no chance of landing the job. On the other hand, he thought I was a shallow salesman. We were both wrong. Dave was one of two friends who were instrumental over the years… Read More »

Discharge – 2nd time lucky?

I’m out, but shaky Yeah. It’s been a total of seven months. The medics seem to have finally got on top of my mood swings – it’s taken a lot of trial and error for them to find the right dosages of the meds that work for me. But I have to say I’m still shaky. I was… Read More »