IRD: Designing a logo

By | 10/09/2019

Hypomania: International Research and Development

I’m not sure where I am, but why does that matter. I can be anywhere I choose. Great things are afoot! My company – what shall I call it? It has to start with the word International and it’s all to do with development. It’s pre-ordained name comes to me in a flash: International Research and Development!

A logo is required. Sleep? Why, when matters of such import are required?

I sit up on my hard bed and scrabble around in a small bedside cabinet and find a pen and a pad of quality letter-writing paper.


Right. A logo. What does it need? Definitely the initials IRD…

I jot the letters down, trying different styles. They’re all too plain. This logo needs pizzazz, needs to zing with imagination and creativity.

I scribble a line through my efforts and try again.


Where is this company going? It’s going forwards, dragging the world kicking and screaming out of its often horrific present into a glorious future!

I draw various styles of arrows in conjunction with the letters IRD. Thick arrows around the letters, thin arrows under them, single arrows, multiple arrows, all pointing to the right.

With several dozen crumpled sheets of paper on the floor, I arrive at an appealing design. Two chunky arrows, one behind the other, pointing to the right, indicating forward thinking, with the letters IRD staggered down the middle.


I ponder on the achievements of International Research and Development: We will cure all disease, provide wells, create rain, explore the developing world for gold, petrol, coal, diamonds, stop the devastation  of the rain-forests – re-plant them, in fact; save the whale – breed them even, and repopulate the seas with them; clean the world’s seas and the air, send fleets of mining rockets to the planets… to the stars!

And in the process the world’s economies will stabilize and mushroom. Every single person will be prosperous!


What about colours? IRD is unquestionably a green organisation. That’s a good phrase; it will appear on the letterhead – at the bottom, underlining the whole ethos of the company. The right hand arrow will be green, to represent the conservation of the entire natural world, also representing ‘Go’ – a company advancing vitally important science, technology.

In a word, progress.

The left hand arrow will be red and the letters IRD will be amber. Traffic lights changing to a glorious future!

The final design

I draw a large sketch of the logo and not having access to any colours, write Red, Amber, Green on it. I look at it and consider my future .

The enormity of my potential strikes me with great force – I am a Churchill / Alexander the Great / King Arthur-type Great Man! In a year’s time I’ll be world famous: TV chat shows, radio interviews, articles in the colour supplements, the cover of Time magazine, speeches to the United Nations….

A household name

Yes, before too long I will be a household name. And then the Nobel Prize for Medicine for my computer models and the Nobel Peace Prize for the altruism of IRD’s work.

I’m going to be the first man in history to win two Nobel prizes!

To be continued