1990 Arrival at Walsgrave, off my rocker

Whilst living at Shrapnel Lane 1990 “My friends!” I say when I am inside. Some of them look up, some continue to blankly gaze at the TV. I point to a psychiatric nurse. “They, the sane, believe that they have the answers! My people – we have the answers. We, the insane, are the sane! They, the sane,… Read More »

LONDON Knight of security

I walk. I see a telephone box, I enter and call 999: “Which service do you need?” “Everything is ok, everything is normal.” “This line is for emergencies only Sir.” “This area is normal. This world is safe.” Phone by phone, area by area, I, a Knight of National Security, relay the normality of the situation to those… Read More »

Ripped by shards

… dddrowzzz… …. ddrowzzz… I’m surrounded by clouds… I’m heavy… Must shrug the ddrowzz away…  …can’t… Am I alive, asleep, dead? …ddrowzzz… If this is sleep, I’m in the most tedious dream imaginable: just a long grey corridor, leading only to distant double doors. Why put up with this? I’ll find a better dream, I’ll make a better… Read More »

A Game of Stones

Travelling by train to the past I head off down the street towards Coventry station, ideas sprouting, flowering in my head. I hit on one idea so GREAT that only capitals can be used to describe it. Once I’m on a train, l’ll sit facing the back and I’ll be going backwards, resetting the direction of time and… Read More »

Promoted to Glory

With the dolphins? ‘Hi Marc! How’re you?’ ‘Hi Mike. Come on in – I’ve got a pot of tea brewing. Didn’t sleep last night – couldn’t stop thinking. Ewan and all.’ ‘Yes, I heard. It’d be a tragic thing to happen to anyone at any age, but to a young bloke in the prime of his life… I’m… Read More »